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Pour 3 Points strengthens community, one coach at a time.

A high-school gym, the smell of sweat and sneakers, the cheer of the crowd, ten teenage girls on the basketball court battling for control of the ball. When the buzzer sounds, Coach Imane Euchi’s team has lost by a single point. “I was frustrated. I knew — we all knew — that the other team had done something unethical, that we should have won,” recalls Imane.

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But her players calmed her down.

“They said, ‘Coach, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter that they cheated. At the end of the day, we learned more. We progressed more.’ Everything I had taught to them, they were now teaching me.”

For Imane, the moment crystallized the impact of her work with Pour 3 Points, a Montreal-based organization that trains school coaches in the skills they need to guide their students not only through sports, but through life. Founded by corporate-lawyer-turned social-entrepreneur Fabrice Vil, P3P reaches more than 700 kids through dozens of coaches each year. Young athletes with a P3P coach score higher on measures of what Fabrice refers to as the four Cs: competence, confidence, connectivity, and character.

“My players aren’t afraid to ask questions,” says Imane, a former high school and college basketball star who came to P3P to unlearn a lot of the ineffective — and sometimes abusive — coaching techniques she’d grown up with. “They think for themselves. When we call a timeout, they’re the ones strategizing — they’re not waiting for me to tell them what to do.”

It’s precisely the kind of systemic, community impact that Fabrice — who grew up in the same underprivileged communities P3P now serves — hoped he’d have. “For me, it’s about taking the tremendous potential of coaching, and using it to further equality.

Fabrice Vil

Montreal, QC



It didn’t just give me the tools I need to help the kids — it gave me the tools I need to take care of myself. It’s changed me. Now, I can speak up for myself, for my players, when I see an injustice.”

Pour3Points Coach Imane Euchi

Supporting Ashoka Canada’s youth fellow program has meant investing in and scaling the work of high-impact social entrepreneurs like Fabrice Vil. Dollar for dollar, we could not have hoped for a better return.”

Noah Aiken-Klar, Director Youth Social Impact, RBC

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“Ashoka helps me to hone and improve my strategies so that I am able to have a greater impact. With Ashoka’s support, along with the wisdom and guidance of the Fellowship network, Pour 3 Points is able to deliver so much more to our coaches, players and their communities.”

Fabrice Vil, Ashoka Canada Fellow