Ashoka U: Canadian Campuses

Calgary’s Mount Royal University has a history built upon a strong liberal education and a connection to community.

Our designation as an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus speaks to that foundation, and reflects our continued commitment to positively shape our increasingly interconnected society.

We are dedicated to Indigenous reconciliation, exceptional undergraduate experiences, socially and environmentally conscious operations, and to advancing the role for postsecondary institution in creating and sustaining a better world for everyone.

Mount Royal students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni are coming together from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to address local and global challenges head-on. We teach, inspire and empower to create meaningful change in our local and global communities.

I’m not an extraordinary person who’s done all these amazing things. I’m just a regular person. This is [about] ordinary people leading change and building it into the fabric of their lives. That’s what true changemaking is. It’s being the best that you can be and working with what you’ve got to create change around you, and then working together to create larger systems change.”

Alexandra Daignault, Faculty of Arts, Mount Royal University

Tim Rahilly

President, MRU

Mount Royal University’s Ashoka U designation reinforces our commitment to changemaking, student community service, experiential learning and Indigenization, and sheds light on the way forward. Being part of the Ashoka Canada network fosters an open, engaged environment in which our students, staff and faculty have the freedom to innovate.”

Highlights from Mount Royal University

The Changemaker Campus Initiative is amplifying MRU’s capacity for changemaking across disciplines and departments. Through our teaching, learning, research, scholarship, physical spaces, mentorship and connections to one another, we are inspired and empowered to create meaningful change in partnership with community.

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MRU renews their Changemaker Campus designation

Ashoka U has renewed Mount Royal University’s designation as a Changemaker Campus for 2024-2027, reflecting their commitment to changemaking and social innovation. 

Trico Changemakers Studio: Facilitation for Social Impact

Changemakers from across sectors call the Studio home, as they connect with students from all faculties and work together on important and exciting social and environmental change initiative.

A commitment to Indigenization and reconciliation.

With initiatives like the Inskim Centre, Medicine Trail Program, Naato’ohsokay, and the Office of Indigenization and Decolonization, MRU celebrates an Indigenization process that is shifting campus culture.

We can reinvent postsecondary education to meet tomorrow’s urgent challenges

“We change institutions when we tear down the structures and barriers that prevent Indigenous Peoples from entering, succeeding and leading. This is an act of decolonization.”

John Fischer, Director Iniskim Centre, Mount Royal University