Our Fellows are driven by a vision to create a more equitable society — and they have the rigour, passion and strategic determination to realize that vision.

These leaders have the solutions to build a better future – for everyone.

Highlights from the Network

“Babies are 100% accepting and they don’t judge”

See how bringing babies into classrooms helps to instill lifelong empathy. Roots of Empathy, founded by Ashoka Canada Fellow Mary Gordon, is an organization committed to building caring and peaceful societies.

What if every student could find joy in math?

Ashoka Canada Fellow John Mighton uses the latest science and innovative techniques to create a world where all children can succeed.

How governments can buy positive outcomes

Ashoka Canada Fellow Jeff Cyr and McConnell Foundation president Stephen Huddart discuss a powerful new tool for financing sustainable solutions.

Cooking up social change in the kitchen

Ashoka Canada Fellow Jean-François Archambault is revolutionizing the redistribution of food waste —  turning chefs, cooks and candy makers into changemakers.

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community of changemakers

“Ashoka rocks. This community inspires me to learn, grow and expand my own ideas of what’s possible. Being in a room of Ashoka Fellows, I’m blown away by the calibre of people, ideas and drive.”

Peter Mortifee, Ashoka Support Network member