Changemaker Campus

Ashoka Changemaker Education

The leading designation for university and college campuses

Changemaker Campuses are a national and global community that upholds excellence in social-innovation education. They work collectively to embed changemaking into the DNA of higher education around the world.

Canada is home to 7 Changemaker Campuses — part of a global network of 42 Changemaker colleges and universities.



Benefits of Social Innovation

As an educational framework

Social innovation equips students with 21st-century skills, mindsets, and experiences.

As a strategy for institutional change

Social innovation enables colleges and universities to be adaptive, innovative, resilient, and relevant.

Becoming a Changemaker Campus

Social innovation is embedded in institutional DNA

Social innovation is embedded in curricular and co-curricular offerings.
Programs engage the campus community in co-creating knowledge and solving social problems.
Partnerships mobilize ideas and resources for scalable positive social impact.



As a designated Changemaker Campus, you will:

Attract and recruit Changemaker students.

Becoming a Changemaker Campus signals your institution’s commitment to equipping students for meaningful, purpose-driven careers after graduation.

Build peer-to-peer connections and benefit from our network’s expertise.

During and beyond the selection process, candidate Changemaker Campuses learn from and build relationships with each other, and have access to the expertise of Ashoka Fellows, leaders, and staff from around the world.

Empower and activate your stakeholders with changemaking initiatives.

Becoming a Changemaker Campus is an opportunity to re-imagine faculty and staff professional development, alumni relations, community partnership, and business development. It’s a shift toward impact-oriented engagements that serve both campus and community.

During the designation process, candidate campuses benefit from:

Leadership development.

Changemaker Education challenges and empowers your team to identify and clearly articulate your institution’s purpose and unfolding story. It provides leadership tools and training, unlocking the skills and language that your team needs to lead your campus toward — and beyond — Changemaker Campus designation.

Institutional change and strategic alignment.

The Changemaker Education 360° Campus Scan assesses your current campus ecosystem for social innovation and changemaking, and develops a collaborative strategy for advancing these qualities across and beyond your institution.

Powerful visioning and narrative expertise.

The Changemaker Education designation process is an opportunity for campuses to identify, articulate, and share a coherent and specific changemaking narrative, as well as goals and commitments for social entrepreneurship, social innovation, community engagement, quality improvement, and action.


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Canada’s youth
in the new economy

“The Changemaker Campus designation provided an important opportunity for a broad range of value-aligned colleagues and collaborators to deepen shared purpose, build new networks, sharpen our focus, and benchmark ourselves alongside inspiring peer institutions. The process, the designation itself, and the networks involved all have distinct value — we’ve learned a lot!”

Shawn Smith, Adjunct Professor, Director of RADIUS SFU and Ashoka Change Leader