The course of human history has been towards a more and more empathy-based society. This is the critical moment where we shift to everyone being powerful. It is the only way you can have real equality.”

Bill Drayton, Ashoka Founder & CEO

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Board of Directors

We are grateful to have the wisdom of Ashoka Founder Bill Drayton as Chair of our Board.

The experience and insights of our Board members are instrumental in our ability to drive social change.

Global Team

Bringing the best of Ashoka Global’s insights, strategies and networks ensuring we are always on the cutting edge of changemaking.

Ashoka Canada creates possibilities for transformation

“It is a joy to be a member of Ashoka. Its devotion to uplifting society through visionary ideas resonates deeply with me.

Our Ashoka Canada network reminds us that every day and every moment is a doorway into the possible. And it is a thrill to play a part in that transformational possibility.”

Ann Mortifee, Ashoka Support Network member